Noma Machiri started coming to QueenMakers last year in December at the Gore Rezvidzidzo event. We are grateful that we have gotten to know and understand where she is coming from, where she is, and where she wants to go with her life. We are even more grateful that she took her time to share with other QueenMakers her experience since she started participating in our events.

“QueenMakers, for me, has been an amazing experience. I didn’t know what to expect at the first meeting I attended but I found out that it was a group of women where most were less than 40 and they were in business. It wasn’t a threatening atmosphere at all. I found women being able to be vulnerable and sharing their challenges.

QueenMakers is more about bringing out the best out of a woman. You find diverse women there – some with bigger business, some with smaller businesses, some making it in the corporate world. You have a mixed pot of greatness in one room.

I like the way Nyaradzo, the founder, puts things across in a simplified way. She makes it about you. I believe that change doesn’t come from the outside into the inside but from the inside to the outside. QueenMakers will help you look within so that you can discover who you are. It is really a great organisation and has helped me change the way I look at myself, my abilities and also all that God has given me to do. It has made me want to go out there and get to where I need to get to, unashamed of being gifted and being a woman – to embrace my power as a woman.” – Noma Machiri


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